27 Jul 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Decoding the huge losses made by Paytm in FY19

The Unicorn startups  over the last few years have been given special attention by the media and analyst. Unicorn startup are the startups which are valued over $1 billion. Generally, unicorns...

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20 Jul 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Why tech startups need their trademark registered

For a startup brand comes under one of the most important assets for the company and the company name and logo is connected with that brand. Startups generally invest a lot of time in thinking abo...

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16 Jul 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Curious to Know about Unicorn Startups: Here is the list of Unicorns Startups in India

The term unicorn came into existence in the year 2013 after Aileen Lee, the founder of the Cowboy Ventures used the word first time. She used the unicorn's word to refer to the 39 startups that had a...

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10 Jul 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Top 8 startup sectors likely to grow after COVID-19 Pandemic

As the corona virus spread is on its peek the primary concern now is containing any further spread of the virus, but one thing which is equally important is how the pandemic will affect us in long...

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09 Jul 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Startup Registration: Benefits and Procedure

Startup India scheme is a special initiative started by Indian government to encourage entrepreneurship in the country which would in turn lead to job and wealth creation. It’s a new way adapted by...

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01 May 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

COVID 19: An Opportunity for the Startups

Every Setback is a new Start to Comeback. Most of the great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure. We all know that most of the Unicorn Startups like...

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16 Apr 2020 | By Indian Startup Chamber | Delhi

Venture Capital : Hope for Startups

Invention and innovation leads the Startups towards success. The success stories of Startips in India has been well known in entire world, since the Startup India mission was launched by Hon'ble Prime...

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29 Aug 2020 | By Saransh Pandey |

How to create an Investor friendly Pitchdeck?

What is Pitchdeck?  An entrepreneur who wants to come up with a new company or idea will need financing to help flourish his startup idea. Most of the time the source of income is an external sourc...

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31 Jul 2020 | By Saransh Pandey |

Benefits of MSME Registration / Udyam Registration?

MSME registrations are meant for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. MSMEs are the driving force for our economy and its growth. The MSME registration is an online process which makes business...

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