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Bengaluru startup builds AI tool to screen oral cancer

Saransh Pandey

  • October 14, 2020
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    Atom360 has developed an app Berry Care in collaborated with AIIMS Delhi and Bhubaneswar, to detect suspicious lesions in the mouth, which could indicate oral cancer

COVID-19 pandemic has halted all the Health screening camps during the present time, but a Bengaluru-based startup, Atom360 has come up with a solution and it is using its AI tool on smartphones to continue detecting possible cases of oral cancer. 

Atom360 has developed an app Berry Care in collaborated with AIIMS Delhi and Bhubaneswar, to detect suspicious lesions in the mouth, which could indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the three most common types of cancers in India, accounting for 30% of all cancers. Nearly one million people die of oral cancer in India every year. 

The team at Atom360 is spread in several states across the country and till now it has captured 10,000 images of the mouth to check for cancer. According to Rizma Banu, co-founder of Atom360, the company’s collaboration with AIIMS, Delhi and Bhubaneswar, apart from other hospitals, helps them decipher the data collected. 

Due to the high consumption of tobacco, the incidence of oral cancer is high in rural areas thus the app is built in a way to make it easy to use even in rural areas. Anyone can use the app to take 10 images of their mouth from different angles and the instructions given are very easy to follow. Using AI, the startup work with oncologists to study the unusual lesions, and suggest whether the person needs further health investigations like a biopsy. 

Many cases of oral cancer are detected very late, which causes unnecessary morbidity and mortality which can be avoided. The key is early detection. High-risk populations are commonly located in regions with limited access to healthcare. With mobile phone penetration so high in India, we can leverage technology to save lives. 

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